As the number of Contensis users has grown we’ve been looking for a way to harness the vast amount of knowledge and expertise that exists among our user base.  

With the introduction of the marketplace feature in Contensis R8.1 we have created a place that will facilitate sharing, collaboration and innovation within the Contensis community.

More than an app store

The concept of a marketplace will be familiar to anyone who has used a distribution platform such as Google Play or the Apple App Store.  They offer a powerful way to share software.  However, we wanted go one step further and make it easier for people to work together to create amazing projects.   


The marketplace allows you to collaborate with other users on development, move content and templates between environments and conduct UAT testing more easily.   

It will also allow you to share web controls, content and code snippets between installations of Contensis. We’ve built the marketplace into Contensis itself, you can select and install modules without leaving the CMS interface.

The complete package

At the core of the marketplace is the concept of packages. A package is simply a zip file containing templates, CSS, includes and Razor Views as well as content such as Word documents and PDFs.


This package can then be put onto the marketplace and used by other Contensis users, showcasing and sharing the work that you are most proud of.

Instant karma

The marketplace has the potential to help save developers a lot of time.  Say for example that you need a new template for your site.  In the past you would have had to create one yourself.  Now you will be able to search the marketplace for something suitable and use it immediately.  Alternatively if you find that nothing suitable exists already you could create your own template and upload it for other people to use, earning yourself instant developer karma.   


Of course, there are plenty of occasions where you want to use packages but not share them outside your organisation. With this in mind there’s an area of your own where you can share and install work.

Community is priceless

One major difference between this and other app stores is that at this point the marketplace is completely free. We hope that by making the service free to use more of you will be able to get involved.  However, we also realise that some people might want to be compensated for their work so we are open to the idea of enabling users to charge for packages in the future, we may even promote our own modules in this way.  If this is something you are interested in then let us know - the marketplace is a community project and we're keen for your feedback.   


We are very excited at Zengenti to create an area for Contensis users to see and share their work.  The introduction of the marketplace takes Contensis in a whole new direction. The marketplace will allow users to innovate, to work more efficiently and to easily test new products.  We hope that you are as thrilled about the possibilities as we are.

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Richard Chivers

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Richard is Zengenti’s CEO. He looks after all the teams at Zengenti. Being a developer at heart, he occasionally likes to push the odd side project. Between him and Simon Horan, they originally built both our flagship product – the Contensis CMS – and the business since its start.

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