We started up a Contensis community Slack workspace a few months ago and it’s really taken off. It seems that you love the nifty features like desktop notifications, tagging and being able to post code snippets. Seeing the Contensis community helping each other out and sharing ideas in real-time is great. Between us all, we have a huge amount of crowdsource knowledge, covering all aspects and specialisms of Contensis.

Shaping Contensis

These community discussions are helping us to shape Contensis. Product owner Richard Saunders has been asking for your thoughts on new features, content creation workflow and ran a mini-poll about line wrapping preferences in the Monaco code editor. Floating new ideas and getting your thoughts on them in Slack complements our existing user testing and beta programmes. Your feedback and suggestions can then be taken straight into conversations within the product team about where Contensis is going.

Informing documentation

Slack is helping us to truly align our documentation with your needs. When Stef asked a question about configuring expiration dates on archived content, Si from the product team jumped in with an answer. Off the back of this exchange, we could take the new information and update the existing ZenHub documentation. We brought it in line with our content best practice, ran it by the original poster and published it out that day. The improved article about archived content is now available for everyone's benefit. Result!

Sharing industry specific knowledge

We’ve also worked with clients to create their own channels for specific topics, such as #local_gov or #higher_ed, helping them shape the channels to cover the areas they want to discuss. Seeing people at the London user group talking about sharing industry specific knowledge in Slack reinforced how much we all have to gain from talking online. Sharing these common experiences is helping people to find solutions together.

ZenHub is still the place to go for documentation but Slack is where the Contensis community is communicating.

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Noël Lambert

About the Author

Noël manages Zenhub, moderates our community Slack workspace and looks after the beta group. She helps define and establish good documentation processes and publishes clear technical, how-to information. Her background is in academic publishing and social media management.

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