Users engage with video in a deeper way than any other media and since the advent of the VDSLR (video DSLR), marketing with video is now accessible to everyone. Leading brands such as Nike, Dior and Red Bull are all publishing regular and varied online video content to enrich and promote their brand. You may look at a large brand’s video output and think it’s out of your marketing budget but it’s well worth reading on (hint hint) to find out how you can get the same feel for half the bucks you might expect.

Video Conveys Emotion

Video has the power to convey emotion like no other medium - think about the time you cried when Thomas died in My Girl (unless you’re a heartless creep of course). When the combination of video and audio work to their full effect the results can be exhilarating.

Tell a Story in a Short Length of Time

Still images are great on your site for a quick visual fix while text is perfect for making simple points or covering large quantities of information. When it comes to narrative storytelling, video is your boy! A narrative is often the best way to explain complex ideas. For example, explaining the features of a system is never as powerful as a story explaining how it can be used in practice.

You can say twice as much with moving image because video and audio work as a team. The audio can make a point while the visuals expand on it - or vice versa.

It’s Fun!

We all love going to the cinema (or at least I hope you do - if you’ve fallen out of love with the cinema, I suggest you revisit). Most of us would prefer to watch a quick video illustrating the key points of a product rather than read a piece of text. Much better to do that later when we want the small print. Video can leave your customers with a positive impression of your company - be it funny, slick or trustworthy.

Nowadays, it can be Cheap! Relatively speaking....

This is the most intriguing prospect. With the advent of DSLRs now producing very high quality HD video, it’s not out of anyone’s price range. For those of you that don’t know what a DSLR is, it’s the posh looking camera you saw your wedding photographer with, but now it does video as well!


You can pick up a great camera for under £500! Five years ago you’d be looking at closer to £20,000 for the same kind of quality. DSLRs boast such great quality because they feature a larger sensor than video cameras in the same price range. The large sensor is so attractive because it allows for a shallow depth of field, yeah that’s the kick-ass effect you’ve seen in movies.


Notice the amount of background blur, this allows you to manipulate what your audience's eye is drawn to.

There are some quirks, such as only being able to record 12 minutes continuously at a time, but recording duration goes up if you're prepared to throw a few more beanz at it. DSLRs are also notoriously bad for audio because they don’t feature any professional microphone inputs, so you will need to invest some money in that too.

To really make video work for your company, these are the essentials you’ll need:

  • Camera

  • Audio recording equipment

  • Camera Support (i.e. a tripod)

  • Video editing software

You could get all of the above for under £1500. Don’t skimp on the tripod because it will soon be your baby.

A great solution for audio is a radio mic and a small audio recorder. As for video editing, Apple offer free software called iMovie while Windows have Windows Movie Maker. There are lots of free, beginner tutorials on YouTube that will give you the ability to start using this software to put your videos together. If you're concerned that you won't be able to add all the flashy effects you've seen at the movies, fear no more. As the saying goes 'content is king' so you don't need to be a CGI guru to produce great video; leave that to Transformers 3. The other thing you need to be aware of is lighting, but luckily the Sun will answer your prayers and can often give great results.

As I’m sure you’re aware, you’re always going to be better investing some money into some professional video editing software such as Final Cut Pro (for mac) or Adobe Premiere Pro (for windows). If you are looking for the best value, I would suggest looking at an older version of the above software which will be cheaper and still give you all the tools you need. The same goes for lenses - investing in great glass is going to boost your videos significantly but you will get a basic lens included with the camera that will get you past go. A great idea for your first lens is a 'nifty fifty' - also known as a 50mm f1.8 lens - great value at under £100.

How we do it here at Zengenti

I take care of video production here at Zengenti - that includes camerawork, video editing, motion graphics and working collaboratively with the Marketing team on ideas. We have invested in quality video, audio and lighting equipment to produce video content that we hope people will rely on for regular and engaging content. Over the coming years we’d like to build our video output - everything from hints and tips to celebrating stars in our industry or illustrating the latest developments in our software.

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Howard Phillips

About the Author

Howard is the video production specialist for the marketing team here at Zengenti. He creates videos for case studies, events, talks, and clients. His background includes design, photography, and video (from scripting and directing to shooting and post-production).

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