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A little bit about us

We're specialists in content management. That is to say, we've built up years of experience in helping organisations look after their most important messages through the web. Since 2001, we've been crafting and refining our content management system, Contensis. It's part of our DNA to work closely with our clients, learning alongside them as they evolve. Because we started out quite early on in the world of CMS builders, we had no idols to emulate, and few conventions to which to bow. 

Our clients benefit from having a single point of contact for hosting, design, CMS, user experience, project management, content strategy and just about any other web-related discipline. We simply design software to best handle their content and overcome the challenges of running complex websites. We are growing, and we aim to grow more so that we can build even better software. 

Our mission

Perfect content delivery.

Our Values

01 We believe in each other

As a company of people, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. Playing together and working together helps us excel. Like a family, our people feel they work with us – not for Zengenti. We all contribute to our future.

02 Be open

Openness is about removing barriers to communication. We don't like silos of information – we prefer to share.

03 Put energy into how we communicate

Words matter, so we take care in how we use them. Good communication is also good for business. Being clear avoids misunderstandings.

04 Don’t screw the customer

Quick gains from needless upsells, coding shortcuts, or misdirection are poor choices and bad business sense. We are proud of our high customer retention.

05 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes and shortcomings are natural, and should not be feared. Many of our mistakes have led to our biggest successes.

06 We take pride in our creations

We are a creative firm, and our products are built with care to last. Contribute from your strengths, fix problems when you find them.


Innovation drives everything we do at Zengenti. After all, the web never stops evolving. We’re always trying to find new ways of making life easier for our customers or giving them the upper hand over their competition.

Sometimes the pressures of delivering work can stifle creativity, stop us from trying new things, or make us reluctant to put forward new ideas.

So, once a year we put aside 24 hours to deliver projects. We tinker with interesting technologies we haven’t had the chance to put to use, add features we’ve always wanted to provide but never had the time, or step away from code for the day and build something that makes life better for our colleagues.

It strengthens the bonds between our teams, fosters creativity, and gives us a fresh perspective on what we do.

Join our team

We’re always looking for talented people to join our teams. If you’re looking to become a part of a successful and growing software company (and you'd like to get out of the city) send us a copy of your CV and covering letter.

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